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History Games for School

From George Washington to Martin Luther King Jr., how to read a map to naming the 50 states, geography and history games for school and at home cover a variety of topics in fun ways! SmileMakers brings classroom subjects to life for you and your students.

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Challenge your students: At the end of a semester or after a long lesson, challenge your students to show what they've learned. With history games for kids, such as a Geosafari Quiz Bowl Set, U.S. Presidents Brain Box or USA Jingo, kids will find history and geography fun and captivating!

Make history fun: Your history and geography lessons will come to life when you let your students use a Passport to the World Activity Kit or life-size foam puzzle. History games for school and home solidify those challenging classroom lessons.

Classroom Activities for Kids

Along with history games for school, SmileMakers covers other school subjects in a variety of fun ways! Shop for math, science, art, history, and language arts, we make sure teachers have the tools they need to make childrens education fun!

Take a look at the following teacher classroom supplies:

Language arts posters

Classic childrens books

History and geography

Early childhood games

Craft kits for kids

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