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History Activities for Kids

At SmileMakers, we know it's important for children to understand where we've come from before they know where they can go in the future. Choose from many educational toys and history games for kids, and turn your lesson plan into a blast from the past!

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Educational Activities & Books

With educational toys, books, and games, history activities for kids engage young minds for hours of classroom participation. Share a family moment at home. Bring the classroom together. Do all of this, and more, just by ordering the following kids history activities from SmileMakers:

Hands-On Heritage Books: Take a journey around the world with SmileMakers! The Hands-On Heritage book series features exotic locales that immerse children in distant cultures. Expand their global view of South America, India, and many other far-away lands!

Cultural Diversity Books: From the emancipation of slavery to biographies of influential leaders, educational activities for kids explore the rich history of African American Achievers. Help children understand how the sacrifices of those before them have advanced our society!

Brain Teasers: Teach about the history of the US, and the world, with these fun history activities for kids. Get the whole classroom involved through some friendly competition today, just by starting a brain teaser challenge!