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Fun Giveaways for Kids

Kids of all ages love giveaways, and SmileMakers is your one stop choice for the biggest selection of giveaways for kids. Choose from our inventory of toys, stickers, candy and gum, and toy treasure chests to find the perfect reward for the children in your life.

Shop the wide selection of toys available at SmileMakers!

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Toys: You can find kids favorite toys and prizes at SmileMakers! With a broad product offering including items such as bouncy balls, paratroopers, and plush toys, we've got it what takes to make kids smile.

Stickers: Hand over a smile with an exciting sticker from SmileMakers! We have a huge selection of stickers for every occasion and for all tastes. Disney character stickers, custom stickers, superhero stickers, and even dot stickers, SmileMakers knows what kids love!

Candy & Gum: Sweeten up their smile with a fresh piece of candy! SmileMakers has the biggest selection of candy and gum for all occasions.

Treasure Chests: X marks the spot for smiles with toy treasure chests from SmileMakers. We have many different categories of treasure chest giveaways for kids, including sports giveaways, animal giveaways, assorted toys, and many more.

Kids Giveaways from SmileMakers

We have toys and prizes in all shapes and sizes to fit any budget! Whether you're looking to stock your home, office, or classroom, SmileMakers has the greatest giveaways for kids.

Dental giveaways for kids: Brighten up their eyes and their smile with a fun giveaway item from SmileMakers! We have everything you need to keep kids smiling at your dental practice. From custom promotional items, to character stickers and dental toys, keep your patients smiling all the way home.

Medical giveaways for kids: Make their office visit more memorable with a fun giveaway from SmileMakers. We have all of the most popular medical stickers, toys, candy and gum to keep kids smiling in and on the way out of the office.

Education giveaways for kids: Recognize your star pupil, give awards out for daily games, or keep giveaways handy for random acts of greatness in your classroom. SmileMakers has all of the greatest giveaways for kids - featuring character stickers, awesome toys, and delicious candy and gum.

Through our wide selection of products, dedicated customer service, and affordable pricing, SmileMakers has been making our clients smile for over 35 years. Shop online, or request a catalog and order on the go! Order today and have your smiles express delivered!