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Giveaways for Children

With giveaways for children from SmileMakers, you give a boy or girl so much! You give them a memorable smile and begin a special bond. Perfect for stocking your classroom or home, our giveaways for kids can turn a frown upside down or add to a festive celebration. Birthdays, lesson plans, medical check-ups, we set the table for any situation that calls for the smile of a child!

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Rewards, Toys, & Stickers for Kids

Featuring the adorable Disney characters and TV heroes that kids love, the selection of children's giveaways at SmileMakers is unmatched. Start making smiles in your home, office, or classroom today by ordering the following products:

Character & Disney Stickers: Discover magical kingdoms and meet charming fairies with these kids stickers from SmileMakers. Our children's giveaways but the crown on a thoughtful gesture for someone near and dear!

Toy Samplers & Prizes: Our prizes and toy samplers are overflowing with good cheer! Whether it's super bouncy balls, treasure chest refills, or any of our other bulk products, samplers are the affordable way to hand-out smiles for miles!

From the classroom to the home, bulk kids stickers, rewarding toys, and children's giveaways commend children for giving it their all. Decorated with dynamic graphics and recognizable friends, our giveaways let boys and girls know that you care!