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Geography Map Games for Kids

It used to take 80 days to travel around the world. SmileMakers makes it faster and easier to visit distant locations, all with our geography map games for kids! These educational activities are a great way to develop vital skills and get boys and girls learning. From the dining room to the classroom, our geography map games for kids explore the world in a fun way!

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Educational Activities for Classrooms & Homes

Teachers trust us, and kids love us! SmileMakers is committed to the enrichment of children from all walks of life. Find your geography map games for kids today, including:

US Map Floor Puzzles: Chart a journey across the US with educational activities for your classroom. Done individually or in a group, these floor puzzles are a great way to educate kids about their home country!

USA & Canada Geopuzzle: Great for young students in North America, our geopuzzles expand cartography skills and teach kids the location of countries and states.

Write, Wipe US/World Maps: Add a little color to the world, thanks to these geography map games for kids of all ages. Help them learn the location of states and countries, all with a few minutes of this engaging, educational activity.