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Dental Toys & Kids Prizes

See their new and improved smiles with dental toys for kids from SmileMakers. It's what we're all about, and as a dentist, hygienist, or parent - nothing is more comforting than seeing a happy child. Reward them for being a good patient and taking care of their teeth with dental toys and kids prizes today!

Shop the wide selection of toys available at SmileMakers!

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Browse our complete selection of dental toys for boys and girl, including:

Brush, Floss, Smile Monkeys: Explore the wild-side of your office by giving these dental monkey toys to boys and girls of all ages. Even monkeys know the value of healthy teeth and proper dental hygiene! Instill these values in your young patients with these charming and playful kids prizes from SmileMakers.

Children's Dental Balloons: Take excitement higher with children's dental balloons from SmileMakers! As a parting reward, or to greet your patients as they arrive, our balloons feature smiling faces and other designs that promote brushing and tooth care.

Tooth Holders: Help patients take their pearly whites home with these kids prizes for boys and girls. The tooth fairy has a busy schedule, so she'll appreciate these tooth holders that kids can easily tuck under their pillows at night! Make their loose tooth a memorable experience with these dental toys for kids!

Happy Tooth Toys for Kids: Show children how happy a tooth can be! Whether its sunglasses, mini plush toys, or something in-between - we've got happy dental toys for kids that brighten your office.

Dental Cases: Safeguard retainers, mouth-guards, and bleaching trays with dental cases from SmileMakers. Durable and secure, you can count on these products to care for the items that care for your patient's teeth!

Tube Squeezers: Good to the last drop, toothpaste is the cornerstone of a healthy smile. With tube squeezers from SmileMakers, stop wasting money on toothpaste. Order your tube squeezers today, and give them to your patients as a thoughtful reward or prize. Customize your name on these toothpaste tube squeezers, so they will remember your dental care each time they brush.

Sugarless Candy: Sugarless candy from SmileMakers rewards the sweet-tooths in your life, without all the sugar and added calories. From lollipops to sugar free breath mints, and much more - we stock affordable, bulk candies that will have children excited for their next visit!

Fun Dental Floss: Make flossing easy, fun, and tasty with SmileMakers. Our oraline dental floss freshens breath with minty flavor, while our flossing devices help young patients learn about and appreciate proper technique.

Lip Balm: A beautiful smile is just as much about flawless teeth as it is about healthy lips. Help your patients take care of both, with lip balm from SmileMakers. Available in many sizes and flavors, order yours today in bulk for money-saving prizes and dental gifts for kids.

With dental toys and kids prizes for boys and girls of all ages - SmileMakers helps patients remember you by name. Select express delivery, and brighten your office with our fun dental toys for kids before their next visit!