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Dental Toys for Girls

Recognize the bravery of your patients with waiting room rewards and dental toys for boys! Occupy their time while they wait. Create a festive atmosphere at your office. Teach the importance of proper brushing and hygiene. The benefits are endless when you stock your home, office, or classroom with these dynamic dental toys for boys of all ages!

Shop the wide selection of toys available at SmileMakers!

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Educational Rewards & Prizes

Make your young patient's day with the following boys dental toys, prizes, and educational rewards:

Power Brusher Bracelet: Teach boys the power of a handsome smile. These bracelets give your patients the brushing energy it takes to get teeth clean.

Dental Stampers: Reward patients with a temporary stamper tattoo that sends a positive message about hygiene!

Cavity Fighter Pullbacks: Watch these military vehicles fight the forces of tartar, plaque, and those dreaded cavities!

Star Patient Dog Tags: Commend your little soldier on a successful mission at the dental office! Let everyone know who the good sport was during his last visit.