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Dental Puppets & Educational Toys for Kids

Get ready to meet your new, friendly partners in tooth care - the dental puppets from SmileMakers! Like everyone else, children love to have fun while they learn. Bring dental puppets into your home or office today, and meet the loveable critters that bring cheer wherever they go. Great for parents, dentists, and oral hygienists, these memorable dental puppets for children help improve the beautiful smiles of your patients again and again!

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Children's Dental Puppets

Whether demonstrating proper brushing techniques or letting children practice on their own, dental puppets at SmileMakers provide hours of engaging instruction. Each dental puppet comes with at least one oversized toothbrush, so they are ready to use the moment they arrive. Choose from our complete selection of children's dental puppets, including:

Animal Dental Puppets: Alligators, fish, and even monkeys - animals know the value of their teeth! As a great way to greet and relax first time visitors, these animals will become everyone's newest friends at your practice. These educational toys for kids from SmileMakers take boys and girls on a safari that they won't soon forget!

Magical Children's Puppets: Bring the imagination of boys and girls to life with dragon dental puppets from SmileMakers. We've even replaced their fiery breathe with a hidden water-squirter to keep children surprised and laughing! With the easily detachable tongue on these critters, make more room for your live demonstration. Show children of all ages the proper brushing techniques recommended by dental experts and dragons alike!

Assorted Dental Puppets: With so many dental puppets to choose from, it's hard to pick just one! After your children and patients are introduced to their new friends, they'll want to meet the rest of the gang! SmileMakers proudly introduces you to the Plak Posse Palz! Bring them into your home or office and receive a set of 5 great characters that your little ones will cherish.

Whether greeting patients to your office or rewarding a boy or girl for being a good sport, SmileMakers helps create the customer-centered environment you demand. Make brushing fun. Demonstrate proper hygiene. Our dental puppets turn frowns upside down, and help patients to show-off their new and improved smiles during their next visit!