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Dental Puppets for Children

Dental puppets are the perfect way to teach children the proper way to brush and care for their teeth. At SmileMakers, we stock the children's dental puppets that keep their attention and teach them valuable lessons. Order yours today, and help children keep their smiles looking beautiful for the rest of their lives!

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With many educational toys and dental puppets to choose from, SmileMakers connects you to the largest selection of products that kids love, including:

Animal & Dragon Dental Puppets: Children learn best when they are having fun! From the deep blue sea to rolling pastures, friendly animals have converged on your office, classroom, and home to teach the right way to brush. These colorful and lifelike children's dental puppets are the perfect way to enrich young lives with the value of tooth care!

Plak Posse Palz: Don't settle for just one dental puppet. Children love having a ton of friends, so bring the Plak Posse Palz into your home or office today. Featuring 5 charming animals and critters, the whole gang is here to demonstrate how your young patient or child can improve their smiles!

In addition to dental puppets for children, SmileMakers connects doctors, teachers, and patients to great educational products. From tooth cross section models to brushing charts, we help you promote the positive values of tooth care in children of all ages!