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Assorted Dental Pencils from SmileMakers

At SmileMakers, we understand what it means to improve the life of a child. We share that passion with dentists and hygienists from around the world. As you beautify the teeth of your patients, create smiles with products that are perfect for dental offices and homes. Make your visitors feel like family with our dental pencils that reward young patients. With our huge selection of custom, assorted, and personalized dental pencils, we equip your office for the complete, customer-centered experience.

Shop the wide selection of Writing & Accessories available at SmileMakers!

Featured Items

  • Sharpeners

    Never a dull moment with our Pencil Sharpeners!

  • Erasers

    Turn in perfect work with our great selection of erasers.

  • Dental Erasers

    Dental Erasers will keep papers clean and minty fresh!

Dental Pencil Varieties

Promote dental health by giving your patients the necessities for maintaining a healthy smile. At SmileMakers, we connect you and your office to dental gift bags and dental toys that make proper oral care fun and engaging. Promote your business, your profession, and the dental health of children - all in one caring gesture through the following dental pencils:

Dental Pencils & Eraser Samplers: For large and small offices alike, eraser samples are great for correcting mistakes. We know it's hard to decide on just one or two kinds of dental pencils. That's why we've created this economical solution to give you a wide assortment of dental pencils - without putting cavities in your budget!

Custom Foil Toothbrush Pencils: Make your office sparkle with custom dental pencils from SmileMakers. Advertise your practice and let others know how you brighten the world by improving the smiles of your patients.

Encouraging Dental Pencils: Let your patients know that you care, and give a gift from SmileMakers the next time they visit. Our assorted dental pencils include words of encouragement that build self-esteem and an appreciation for a healthy smile. In the classroom, workplace, or at home - dazzle patients and remind them to brush regularly with these encouraging dental pencils.

Remind visitors to your office that you care about them and their oral health. We all know that some children have fears about going to the dentist. Ease their minds and turn their frowns upside down by ordering from SmileMakers today!