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Custom Dental Pencils for Patients

Impress your patients. Give them a friendly brushing reminder. Advertise your dental practice. Promotional dental products from SmileMakers unlock the potential of your practice!

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  • Dental Erasers

    Dental Erasers will keep papers clean and minty fresh!

Dental Pencils & Custom Promotional Products

Take the first step towards a patient-centered environment today, and order the following varieties of dental pencils in custom varieties:

Foil Brush Pencils: Imprint a personalized message to your patients with these custom pencils for dental offices. Dazzling and stylish, these pencils have the minty-fresh colors that patients of all ages adore!

Braces-are-Cool Pencils: Perfect for orthodontists and their patients, these custom dental pencils let others know that braces are great!

Custom Dancing Teeth Pencils: Bust a move to, and order dancing teeth pencils that boys and girls love. Show all of your patients how happy a healthy tooth can be!

Custom Toothbrush Pencils: Decorated with mini-toothbrushes, these pencils offer a friendly brushing reminder to your recipients. Help instill proper habits in your younger patients by imprinting tooth-care tips and other healthful knowledge.

We Love Your Smile Pencils: Fresh, clean teeth means a happy patient! Let them know how beautiful their new and improved smile is by showing patients that you care!