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Craft Kits for Kids

Stir the imagination of children and let them explore their creative skills with craft kits for kids from SmileMakers. Whether they enjoy painting, drawing, or other activities - we've got you covered. Teach your children or students the personal satisfaction of artistic expression with our fun educational toys and kids craft kits. Fun and educational, let your little artists flourish by ordering your craft kits today!

Shop the wide selection of arts & crafts available at SmileMakers!

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Types of Kids Crafts Kits & Toys

Excellent for boys and girls of all ages, our kids craft kits provide hours of fun. Teach your children the value of art and put a smile of their face with the following kids craft kits:

Weaving Kits: Enjoy the time-honored tradition of weaving, while bonding with the little ones in your classroom or home. Great for building hand-eye coordination and an appreciation for art, weaving brings adults and children of all ages together. With weaving mats, baskets, stringables, and more - let SmileMakers become the fabric of your next artistic activity.

Spoon Craft Kits: Decorate, dress-up, design - SmileMakers craft kits add spoon-fulls of fun. With animals and people spoon kits, kids can re-create their family members, friends, household pets, or many other works! Complete with spoons, card stock, instructions, and all the fixings - these craft kits are the educational toys they'll love!

Activities Boxes: From mask making to wood crafts, and everything in-between - activities kits from SmileMakers turn the classroom or home into the enriching environment you've envisioned. Great for children and young students, activities boxes let creativity flourish with safe and easy-to-use products.

Education Toys and Miscellaneous Kits

As a heartfelt reward, present, or to bring everyone together - craft kits for kids offer hours of fun for adults and children. Browse our comprehensive selection today, and order these featured products:

US Flag Kit

Valentine's Make A Card Kit

Stand Up Self-Portraits

Family Tree Kits

Frame Craft Kits for Kids

Shop SmileMakers today and join-in on the fun! Not only will your child appreciate your craft kits, but you'll also enjoy seeing what they create. As a great activity for the classroom or home, our educational toys and kits bring you and your children together for an enriching, memorable experience that they'll cherish for years!