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Cool Pencils for Kids

Make education rewarding and interactive with cool pencils from SmileMakers. Like you, we're committed to the success of children. Whether you're an instructor or parent, we connect you to school supplies that help you bond with the little ones in your life.

Shop the wide selection of writing & accessories available at SmileMakers!

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    Never a dull moment with our Pencil Sharpeners!

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    Turn in perfect work with our great selection of erasers.

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    Dental Erasers will keep papers clean and minty fresh!

Find Children's Pencils

Sparkling, dynamic, fun - make smiles happen with our wide selection of cool pencils for kids, including:

Motivational Pencils: Let your young student know that they are doing a good job each time they pick-up these cool pencils. Motivational pencils for kids are the perfect way to encourage students of all ages to keep growing academically. From studying in the classroom to homework at the kitchen table, SmileMakers fuels the academic success stories of tomorrow.

Cool Pencil Samplers: Kids love our pencils, so they are sure to go fast! Buy bulk with cool samplers from SmileMakers, and keep you office, classroom, and workplace stocked. Cool pencil samplers keep your children entertained and learning for hours on end.

Character Pencils: Make learning an adventure with character pencils for kids. With stunning, updated designs, our cool pencils feature the lovable and memorable heroes that kids adore. Great for boys and girls, keep your teaching supplies dynamic and hot!

Birthday Pencils: SmileMakers gets the party started with the birthday pencils for kids! As a gift or reminder of their big day, these cool pencils let children know that you haven't forgotten how special they truly are!

Assorted Kids Pencils: At SmileMakers, we know it's tough to pick just one set of our cool pencils. You and your children deserve to be happy, so we proudly offer assorted kids pencils to keep things fresh. When you want a change of scenery, reach for these assorted kids pencils!

Pencil Cases & Cool Teaching Supplies

Let your kids take their writing accessories with them, thanks to our spacious and secure cool pencil cases for travel! These colorful and durable pencil cases keep writing tools at your fingertips. Jump-start the academic success of fun-loving children by giving them the cool pencils they deserve!

Mistakes happen, but that's where some of life's best lessons lie. This is a learning opportunity that shouldn't be distracted from with outdated erasers and poor teaching supplies. That's why SmileMakers offers many sizes and colors of fun erasers that fit snuggly into the hands of a child. Shop SmileMakers today, and get your order express delivered to your home or workplace!