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Cool Pencil Cases & School Teaching Supplies

Invite your students to experience the joy of learning, just by ordering cool pencils or cases from SmileMakers! As a great way to keep children organized, these school supplies help teachers create the perfect learning environment. From kids erasers to cool pencil cases, SmileMakers' selection crosses the t's and puts the 'cool' back in school!

Shop the wide selection of writing & accessories available at SmileMakers!

Featured Items

  • Sharpeners

    Never a dull moment with our Pencil Sharpeners!

  • Erasers

    Turn in perfect work with our great selection of erasers.

  • Dental Erasers

    Dental Erasers will keep papers clean and minty fresh!

Fun Writing Accessories for Kids

Turn that boring lesson plan into the enriching time that the whole class can get behind. Jump-start your classroom with the following pencil cases and cool school supplies:

'Cool-erful' Pencil Cases: With many stunning colors and styles to choose from, our cool pencil cases secure your students' most important learning tool - their writing accessories!

Fun Erasers for Kids: Featuring erasers shaped like noses, globes, and everything in-between - surprise your student at the beginning of your next class. These kids erasers are a great way to start the day and keep them engaged!

Request your catalog today, or order directly from to get your cool pencil cases and writing accessories faster. Take the quality of education to another level, with help from the fun products at SmileMakers!