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Cool Band-Aids for Kids

SmileMakers knows how much you care about your young patients and children. Nothing is more important than the safety of a child. Accidents happen, and that's why it's important to have cool band-aids and adhesive bandages on-hand at all times. Turn their frown upside-down, heal cuts and scratches, be the hero - all in one caring gesture from SmileMakers!

Shop the wide selection of bandages available at SmileMakers!

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Cool Bandage Cases & Samplers: Great for large families, classrooms, waiting rooms, and offices, our cool bandage cases and samplers secure your medical supplies. When there's an emergency, every second counts. With our cases and samplers, you and your children have an ample supply of first-aid relief. Store your cool band-aids in a safe location, and prepare your home or workplace to meet the needs of your young patients. Care for your budget by ordering bulk cases that help heal your bottom-line while delivering quality care.

Adhesive Character Bandages: Children need cheering-up from time-to-time, and never more so than when they get hurt. Show them you care by delivering a smile, courtesy of some of their most beloved characters! Many of our cool band-aids feature popular cartoon characters, comic book heroes, and other friendly faces that come to the rescue each time you use a product from SmileMakers.

Sports Bandages: Don't let a fall stop your little one from enjoying the rewards of organized sports and athletics. An active lifestyle is important to every child, so be prepared when things get a little rough. Our cool sports band-aids are latex free, so your little one can get back on the court or field in no-time without an allergic reaction.

Latex Free Bandages: SmileMakers stocks cool band-aids for kids who are allergic to latex. You never know when they'll need your help, so it's important not to take a chance when it comes to your child's band-aids. Featuring some of the hottest designs around, our cool band-aids help you pass-on a smile when they need it most.

Shop SmileMakers today, and select our express delivery option to get your cool band-aids for the next time someone needs cheering-up. With help from SmileMakers and our cool, adhesive bandages, you'll be ready to save the day when your little one has a mishap on the field, playground, or at home.