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Cool Adhesive Bandages for Kids

Just because you have a scrape or cut doesn't mean you can't still be cool! Adhesive bandages at SmileMakers help heal on the inside, and outside. Featuring many memorable characters that kinds love, cool adhesive bandages turn their frowns upside down!

Shop the wide selection of bandages available at SmileMakers!

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Character Band-Aids & More!

With recognizable friends and lovable heroes, cool adhesive bandages from SmileMakers takes their mind off the recent injury. Stock your home, office, or clinic with our cool band-aids for kids. They come in a variety of fun patterns including:

Trendy Fashion Band-Aid Patterns:Add some variety and flair to your medicine cabinet, thanks to these cool adhesive bandages! These round band-aids will surprise and delight a special child who could use some cheering-up!

Cartoon Character Bandages: When accidents happen, Scooby Doo and the gang are on the case! Featuring many other beloved cartoon characters, these cool band-aids feature Winnie the Pooh, many Disney friends, and so much more!

Cool Comic Book Band-Aids: Captain America, X-Men, and Spider-Man - the forces of good are here to get your little one on the road to recovery. Let these cool adhesive bandages save the day by healing the little heroes in your life!