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Even kids know that learning should be fun and engaging. At SmileMakers, we help get children excited about education with our classroom toys and selection of fun games for kids. Available in math, social studies, geography, and many other subjects - SmileMakers helps transform your classroom into the academic atmosphere that you and your students will love.

SmileMakers provides the products that boys and girls cherish, and you'll enjoy them too! Our classroom toys for teachers inspire you to be the best instructor and leader you can be. Teachers and parents around the world appreciate these lessons plans, which make kids feel great about learning. Excellent for preschool children, all the way up to adolescents, our classroom toys help teachers reach children of all ages and backgrounds.

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Fun Kids Games & Educational Toys

Instill a love of learning in your students with fun and exciting products from SmileMakers. Our classroom toys and games not only instill the importance of teamwork, but they also teach children about many important topics. From history games for kids to educational toys, SmileMakers creates the enriching learning environment children deserve!

Browse our complete selection of fun board games and educational toys for kids, including:

Fun Math Games: SmileMakers' fun math games + kids = a happy classroom! With many of the hottest, popular titles around, our math games for kids add-up to smiles. Help them learn the basics and multiply their knowledge of mathematics, all with help from these and many other classroom toys. These fun math games for kids help you calculate your lesson plan down to the last decimal point, so your students can advance their skills and expand their knowledge.

Social Studies Games: Help children appreciate and respect others by learning about the cultures of the world. Our social studies games for school children bring the world to their fingertips! Using a global perspective, these social studies games for school children teach them about their own heritage, while taking them on a journey of self-discovery.

Geography Board Games: Our geography board games for kids take you and your students on a tour of Earth's natural wonders. SmileMakers transports your classroom to breathtaking scenes that awe and inspire. These geography board games and other classroom toys provide hours of fun, and instill your students with an understanding of our wondrous planet!

Whether teaching at home or in school, our educational toys turn the classroom into an adventure. Foster an appreciation for learning, and improve the lives of others with help from SmileMakers today! Bouncy balls, stickers for kids, and a wide range of classroom toys - SmileMakers is your one-stop for brightening a room with the laughter of a child.